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Safety, Savings & Sustainability in your Fingertips!

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Why us?

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Safety & Accurate Pressure

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   We inflate vehicle tires and maintain even pressure using an equipped digital sensor. Consequently, maintain safety, help increase the life of your tires, and improve fuel consumption. Reduce tire wear, exploding, and skidding.

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Save Time

  We come to your house/office and inflate your tires for cars, bikes, and trucks to factory pressure with 100% accuracy. So No need to wait in long queues in workshops to inflate tires anymore.

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Save Money

    Save up to 10% on fuel. that is an average of 43 BD yearly! by using our service. as under-inflated tires create more rolling resistance which the engine needs to compensate with more power = more fuel = -$$$

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Peace of Mind

     We send you reminders of upcoming next appointments so you can relax and leave the rest to us we also send you tire pressure values so that you're aware of their status.

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Environment Initiatives

Our Values

     We operate appliances from 100% renewable energy source as we utilize Solar Cells to power devices. So you're also a supporter of a clean environment. We also factored low -db  devices for less noise.

  We are a customer-oriented company that will ensure your satisfaction, we are also very focused and superheroes fast.

24/7 Customer Support

     We provide 24/7 support and service throughout the year because your safety and the safety of your family are our motives and priority.


     We are daily road users who aim to make the road safer by raising awareness of the importance of regularly checking your vehicle tire pressure.

      We provide different pricing plans to suit your lifestyle. and the rest is on us, we come to your registered address and remind you of the next cycle in which your tires will be checked again, so you can have peace of mind and let us do the rest.


     We are a digital company that provides remote services and 24/7 support through phone and a quick chat. and we will be more glad to hear your reviews and suggestions through e-mail at

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Logo Front Image V5.png

Reach Us

Tel: +973 39988827



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